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Overview of the Society

The Japan Society of Pain Clinicians was established with the objectives of advancing and promoting the field of medicine focused on the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain,which not had previously tended to attract due attention,and disseminating related knowledge and techniques.

Name:The Japan Society of Pain Clinicians

Office Location:#210 Tokyo YWCA Building,1-8-11 Kandasurugadai,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0062,Japan



President of JSPC:Toyoshi Hosokawa(Department of Pain Management & Palliative Care Medicine,Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)

Secretary General:Yasuhisa Okuda(Department of anesthesiology,Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital)

◆ History

1.Establishment of a study group

Clinical care focused on the treatment of pain began to be provided in the 1960s, with anesthesiologists playing a central role.Since the establishment of an outpatient pain clinic at the University of Tokyo Hospital in 1962,the number of physicians interested in this field has grown nationwide and led to the promotion of shared knowledge and technique.With the aim of further advancing and disseminating the study of pain,the inaugural meeting of the Pain Clinic study group was held in Tokyo in 1969. The study group’s name was changed in 1985(the 19th Meeting)to the Japan Society of Pain Clinicians, and the society’s rules and physician certification system were established.The Society holds an academic meeting annually.

2.Development to an academic society

While meetings of the study group had been held twice a year up to 1971 and once a year from 1972,increases in the number of participants from specialties other than anesthesiology led to the establishment of an academic society in 1985(the 19th Meeting).The society’s rules were established,and it subsequently became capable of engaging in a wider range of social activities.On September 22,2006,the society became a limited liability intermediary corporation.

3.Implementation of certification system

In response to societal needs,and with the objective of member education,a physician certification system and an educational system were established in 1989.The physician certification system was implemented in 1989,and a total of 145 designated resident facilities and 369 physicians were certified. In December 2005,the society became a member of the Japanese Board of Medical Specialties.In September 2006,certified physicians were renamed Board Certificated Pain Clinicians,and,as of May 2013,there were 310 designated training facilities and 1,529 specialists. In August 2007,advertisements for “Board Certificated Pain Clinicians” were approved by the Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare.

4.Publication of the society journal

The Journal of Japan Society of Pain Clinicians(JJSPC),which includes a collection of abstracts from the general meeting,was launched in 1994,and is published quarterly.

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